I need to choose a file system for a specific tasks I need to perform to collect data for some research.

The data are raw images, each 0.75MiB coming in at a rate of 30Hz. They are raw images (i.e. completely uncompressed raw coding from the camera) and need to remain as such - we have tried some on-the-fly decoding but it far too intensive for the embedded system that needs to capture the images (PM-1.6GHz EBX board).

I am experimenting with several ways to capturing the data. I have a SATA card, or have external USB HDDs, and I can successfully capture said data (formatted FAT) albeit with a fairly high CPU usage (especially on USB).

I want to lower the CPU Usage for capturing the data, and the loading tends to increase when the images are being written to disk.

What file system do you think is optimal for this sort of task? Low-CPU is the prime candidate, and I need little in the way of other features.