Wow! This program can EVERYTHING!!! + mass post threads and messages on forums, blogs, guestbooks, boards, bulletins + mass send PM (personal messages) to ALL users on thouthands forums simultaneously (multi-threading) + automatically register e-mail accounts on GMAIL.Com and other email services + automatically break CAPTCHAs - you see, this forum has captcha on registering, but it's was breaked + have a lot of tools for links databases processing and analysing + automatically confirm all links from e-mail account + built-in "question-answer" system, mass post-editing system + a lot of other features Name of this program - XRumer 5.0 Palladium Not XRunner, not XRoomer, not xrumer - but XRumer. (versions XRumer 2.9 and XRumer 3.0 are too old) Just ask Google!