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Thread: Creative Modem Blaster

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    Creative Modem Blaster

    Are they any good? *I'm checking one out at Best Buy for 60 bucks. *It's not a winmodem either. *I made sure of that.

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    Re: Creative Modem Blaster

    which model? is saw 2 in the linux hw database that said they were okay.

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    Re: Creative Modem Blaster

    I have a modem blaster, External, it is pretty good. never gives me any problems. I would recomend it.

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    Re: Creative Modem Blaster

    have an ISA blaster flash 56II and under linux had to set the jumpers to non-pnp com3 ->ttyS2 irq4 for it to work both in windows and slackware8 pd maybe $50 after $20 rebate but u can get better deal online instead of bestbuy. I got a cple of ISA Diamond Supra Express 56i for $13. If u need instructions you have to goto Diamond Site but thats no biggy. or computersurplus. Just FYI

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