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Thread: Core Files Reason and use

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    Core Files Reason and use

    Hi all,
    In my home PC i observed there are multiple Files generated for one particular user. As a matter of fact the size of the files are mostly 0 Bytes, some of them are of 65 MB size.

    I would like to know why it is getting generated ?

    Is core.xxxx files have any relation to the application i run in my pc.

    OS: centos
    Applications i use: FTP, webserver (internal), php, mysql

    I have configured an auto backup generation policy to push files to my other pc.


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    Usually if it's a user's homedir, that means an application generated it. Most (not all) apps name their core files Unfortunately, you would need to know all process IDs at that point in time to be able to track this down.

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    Can you see if any of them are open?
    lsof -p XXXX | grep core
    where XXXX is indicated by the PID as described in an earlier reply
    if you see that file listed, it means that the process currently has an open file descriptor for the core.XXXX file

    if so, run a
    ps -p XXXX
    and you can see which command is accessing it
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