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Thread: Remote viewing startup/shutdown of servers.

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    Talking Remote viewing startup/shutdown of servers.

    Well, I managed to get my own home web/ftp/ssh/file/print server using ubuntu and an old machine laying around at home. I am really happy with it, and I mainly use ssh to remotely administer it. When I absolutely need to see a GUI, I remote view it with chicken of the vnc, because my main computer is actually an iMac. It all works nicely, and I have no problems at all with anything.

    The other day I was watching a video, and it was showing someone remotely viewing a linux desktop, but he was able to see the machine's bootup and shutdown sequence. I know it's not neccessary, but it sure would be nice to tell if im having problems with items starting up or shutting down. How do I enable this sort of functionality, or is it something to do with the machine itself, such as a leet bios or something like that.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    You nailed it with your last statement. It's an implementation of the machine's BIOS or an out-of-band management chip (commonly called service processors). They fairly common in enterprise level (translation = $$$$) rack mountable machines. HTH

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    Or you would setup a remote serial console
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