In the below diagram router-a is an actiontec verizon fios router and router-b is a linksys router running openwrt.

I am having some trouble setting up two different networks, my first configuration was just router-a with one pc. I then added router-b and configured the lan to exist on a separate network.

both the wan interfaces on router-a and router-b are masquerading outgoing traffic.
Initially i have no static routes configured and this what I observe:

PC-a and PC-b can both connect to the internet fine
PC-b can see PC-a.
PC-a cannot see PC-b

I believe all of this is pretty straightforward and expected.

Now what I want to do is allow PC-a to see PC-b.
Through the verizon-fios crappy web interface I added a static route,
For the network, the gateway is

After making this change I can ping from PC-a to PC-b but I cannot intiate an ssh connection. Using wireshark I see the packets leaving 1.50 and arriving at 0.50, 0.50 is responding but I do not see the return packets at 1.50.
Is this because the outbound packets leaving the wan port of router-b are masqueraded as 1.50 and router-a are dropping them? Any ideas for how to allow PC-a to talk to PC-b?

|    router-a (1.1)      router-b (1.2/0.1)
|  -------------     -------------
|--| wan | lan |-----| wan |  lan |  
   -------------     -------------
            |                 |
            |                 |
         PC-a (1.50)         PC-b(0.50)