Has anyone installed a
Linux distro (preferably PC Linux OS), in a flash drive? I would need the step-by-step to accomplish this. I did install PC Linux OS live in a flash drive, but when the power goes out, so does all the setups that were done to the OS. There is no retentivity. The reason that I prefer this version of Linux is because it currently is the only one that I found that I can setup wireless networking without having to strain and suffer to get this done. I was using Freespire, but it has been somewhat abandoned. The repositories have been neglected. PC Linux OS would make a great replacement for a couple of my laptops.

The reason that I now choose to use a Flash Drive for Linux, is because the hard drives in laptops are kind of small in storage space. Pls. send a copy of your reply to: zonofabee(AT)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!