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Thread: modem/sound conflict

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    modem/sound conflict


    I've got a niggling problem that occurs when I use my modem (connexant based hsf winmodem) and sound (Trident 4Dwave) together - I get wierd noises coming through the speakers.
    The irq's seem to be fine. They use separate io and mem space. I can't tell which dma's are being used (/proc/dma just has "4: cascade&quot. I wouldn't think the winmodem uses dma, but I guess anything is possible.
    Any ideas? ???

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    Re: modem/sound conflict

    my first guess is that is cross tlak on the wires or something like that, i.e. not software caused. what kind of noises?

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    Re: modem/sound conflict

    Thanks for the reply

    The sound is built on to the motherboard, the modem is a pci card - I guess I could try it in another slot.
    The noises are a bit hard to describe - every now and then I get a quick burst of high pitched beeps.

    I have never noticed the problem in windows. It could be the Linux driver that is suspect - the driver code originates from a specific maker of connexant based modems (ie not mine). However, I have no idea what mechanism could be at work for the driver to cause this problem.

    The best solution would be not to use a winmodem in the first place. I did have a decent external modem - I sent it back to the manufacturer for repair shortly before they filed for bankrupcty. I don't think I am going to see it again

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    Re: modem/sound conflict

    hummss if it is not in windows i would guess a driver issue too. do you know if teh are sharing IOs at all?

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    Re: modem/sound conflict

    Hey guys,
    I have a high pitched screech both in windows and slackware since I switched to non-plug and play in win and got a semi connect in slack - not showing any conflicts under win devices here either. *What is cross talk. *Hav PCI yamaha snd crd and ISA Creative Modem Blaster Flash II 56. I have a microphone on there, do u? Think its the microphone when it is turned to too high volume.

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    Re: modem/sound conflict

    Me, I have no microphone. Also my modem is a "win" modem (a fairly minimal software controlled modem), best avoided at all costs
    I took cross talk to mean transference of a signal from one circuit to another through induction (albeit a much weaker signal). Somebody correct me if I'm wrong?

    Having said that, i still have about as much of a clue as to what is causing your problem as mine ???

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    i don't know

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