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Thread: Total Newbie, Linux and wireless internet

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    Question Total Newbie, Linux and wireless internet

    Hello everyone,

    I am not only new to this forum but also a total novice with Linux, having just installed TinyMeLinux on an old Packard Bell computer (being thrown out by my Stepson!).

    I have two other (Windows) computers with wireless connections via a BT voyager 2100. Is it possible to connect this old computer, with a BT Voyager 1055 wireless adaptor (USB) via the router?

    If YES, how exactly do I physically do it. I have no idea where to begin as the drivers for the adaptor which are normally installed before the hardware, are specifically written for Windows.

    Any constructive suggestions will be much appreciated.

    Thanks for all.....................................Lynpy

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    Here is a description for Ubuntu, perhaps it will give you a few pointers:
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