I was looking at the guide at: Quick_HOWTO_:_Ch10_:_Windows,_Linux,_and_Samba This is pretty interesting but I need some guidance... Right now, I have three machines: - Ubuntu - Windows XP (2) The Ubuntu box is used as my file server where I store backups, etc. One of the XP boxes is my laptop. What I'd like to do is setup a small network so that I can setup shares on the ubuntu machine and provide my laptop, the other XP box, and guests access to certain shares. What I don't want, and where my needs differ from the setup in the guide I referenced above is that I want to keep my logins for all the machines local, so that each user can manage their own credentials. Is it possible to setup accounts on the linux (ldap/samba) machine so that if a user wants to access a share on the linux box, they are forced to login first? For instance, perhaps I have a folder on the linux machine for family pictures -- and when my mom comes over I want her to be able to access them, but have to login first. Is that possible? Can anyone provide me pointers? Thanks, John