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Thread: Roaring Penguin port for M$Windows??

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    Roaring Penguin port for M$Windows??

    Maybe this is the wrong site for this query.. I run Unix/Linux exclusively and see no reason for any other O/S but I have need to wire connect one Win2kPro machine to the same ActionTec router that Linux Home Network is using..
    Since I've configured the router/switch to 10.0.x.x instead of it's default 192.168.x.x I'm not able to go on line from the Win2K box..
    A port of Roaring Penguin PPPOE program would fill the bill... I've tried RSPPPOE and a bazillion other schemes to no avail.. Is it possible that Verizon ADSL will work only with a router set to 192.168.x.x.??? TIA..

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    Isn't it possible to set the default route in Win2k to the IP address of your router?

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    Thanks for your suggest; Yes I've done that and I can ping the router, modem and Verizon's server as well as,, etc--all servers that will accept a ping..
    The problem is that Verizon's server that runs DHCP requires PAP authentication and I haven't figured out how to implement this yet..
    If I use Verizons setup CD or their sites setup routine it requires that the router is using their default login's and IP addresses.. I can't seem to change that so far..
    Thanks again; I'll keep hacking.. <grin>

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