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Thread: Mini Mac & HDTV

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    Mini Mac & HDTV

    Anybody using any computer with an hdtv? I'm trying to make a multimedia center out of my G4 mini mac and just purchased a Westinghouse 32" HDTV, and man it show a very nice picture.

    Since I'm still waiting on wireless keyboard & mouse, I decided to hook the mini to my hdtv, using the hdmi to mini's dvi port. The dvi cable seems to plugged in good but the two screws doesn't go in completely.

    Once I turned on the hdtv and the mini and choose PC from the remote control, I hear the mini's startup sound and see a quick flash on the tv but then it show, 'No Signal'.

    I called Westinghouse support, which wasnt much help, he said to choose the hdmi button on tv remote control instead of pc. I guess you choose pc when its connected using vga cable.

    The tv doesn't have a dvi port only a vga port so I would need a dvi to vga cable and both ends need to be male? I'm a little confused on that.

    Any ideas/suggestions?
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    I finally got it sorted out. I had to get a vga cable with male on both ends and now I'm surfing the internet on my 32" looks pretty good also.

    Now I'm just waiting on my wireless keyboard & mouse any day and I'll be a real couch potato!
    Microsoft aims to 'borg' Yahoo in $44.6 Billion deal
    "We are Microsoft. Resistance is futile"

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    Mini Mac HDTV


    I am going to change my server Intel Mac Mini from Mac OS to Linux. So i want to install XBMC from the LIVE Cd.
    I think it will not be a problem to install the XBMC but i need something like a Tutorial to get work the Apple Remote.
    I also have a Logitech HARMONY 885. I think the best way would be to use the Harmony with the IR sensor in my mac mini. Could somebody give me a tutorial how get XBMC working with the IR sensor from the Mac Mini and my Harmony?
    I saw a point in the setup-menu from XBMC for Apple Remote but i dont think i have this menu point in the LINUX XBMC.

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