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Thread: Acer One network problems

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    Acer One network problems

    Hi, please help me.
    I have an Acer One running Linux. Previously connected fine to network at home. Now I am unable to connect either wirelessly or on a LAN. I can see router and have full signal yet keep getting message that network is disconnected. I'm new to Linux but reasonably proficient on windows. Not sure where to go from here.

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    After you try to connect, look in the file /var/log/messages and post the last 20 or so lines of that file.
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    I have the same problem

    I too have exactly the same problem.

    I do not understand how to find the file that you would like us to post the last 20 lines?!

    Sorry for being a pest.


    PS Your help will really be appreciated

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    Hi - I have found the file but there is nothing in it at all.! - it is blank - shows 0kb of data.
    I am getting very close to installing XP on my ONE!! as I feel like I'm stumbling about in the dark!

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    I have looked at other forums and changed the wireless encription from WPA/TKIP to WEP and it works again.

    PS I have no idea why!!

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    Yeah, I tried changing the ecryption - however the wifi I am trying to connect to is not encrypted, and I can't even connect on the LAN - it just keeps telling me 'net work is disconnected'.
    If it was XP i'd be tempted to uninstall and reinstall the network card or reinstall the drivers but I don't know how to do this on Linux.

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    OK, so the plot thickens.
    i now get home from my holiday and can connect with no problem. both on LAN and wirelessly. I was in Bulgaria and was trying to connect to 3 different wireless networks (all open and unencrypted) and one LAN

    So I'm now wondering if certain networks could be incompatible with Linux? Any ideas?

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