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    I am running Red Hat 7.2 and cannot get my printer installed. The catch to this is that I have an SMC Barricade Router that is my print server. I have an HP 722C Deskjet hooked up to the router and I need for all of my machines (Window$ & Linux) to be able to print to the printer. The Window$ machines can print with no problem. I have checked SMC site for help and they suggest to edit the printcap file. I tried this and it did not work. I then emailed their tech support and was advised to add this to my printcap file.

    :rm=\ #IP for the router

    :rm=\ # IP for the router

    These entires are based off of their original suggestion on their web site. They are just in a different format. These do not work either. When I try to print I don't receive an error. Nothing happens. I guess my problem is that like most of us here I am very new to Linux and don't realy understand what these lines are doing, nor do I understand the fundamentals behind this. I am desparately trying to learn. After making the changes to printcap (actually I believe it is printcap.local in Red Hat 7.2) I restarted the lpd service, but the box still does not see the printer. Do I still need to go into the KDE control panel and add a printer from here? Does anyone have any suggestions?

    -mtfriend ???

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    1st (and I mean it!) - update the packages I have listed:

    then run printtool (as user root) and set up the printer - if the router is like a hub try setting it up as a lpd printer... or maybe a jetdirect i am not sure on that one.

    next - open a terminal and type lp <somesomefilename> and then lpq in the same terminal - lpq will tell you about pending printjobs.

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