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Thread: DNS - named error

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    DNS - named error

    Hello Guys,
    I am back again. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas holiday vacation.

    Anyway, I have another issue with DNS. Our websites are working, fine. However, right after I installed bind with another server, I was wonderng if it affected our master server. The named service in our authoritative server stopped and i got this error message:

    named failed. The error was: Stopping named: [ OK ]
    Starting named:
    Error in named configuration:
    /etc/named.conf:69: zone '': already exists previous definition: /etc/named.conf:51

    Do you mind telling where to correct the problem? Thank you. I read the DNS ERROR topic but did not find anything similar.

    Thanks again.


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    Hi there,

    Your named.conf file is needed for further check (at least last lines you have added). It should tally with your zone files in the /var/named/. Anyway it is clear that it says named.conf having syntax error in it (according to the error).

    Check the content.

    Tks & Rgds,

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