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Thread: Sound Driver Alsa

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    Sound Driver Alsa


    I have a Laptop Model Acer Aspire 4720z.I have installed Fedora 8. I want to install sound

    Driver for Fedora-8.I need commands to install the Audio driver alsa.I want to install

    following packages through source

    I have the Alsa Packeges.





    I need to know which package is installed first,second,third and fourth...

    My Next Question is

    Fedora-8 have a Default compiler????Then What compiler(i.e Name of the compiler)

    How to check which compiler is installed in Fedora-8??

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    This is an blan idea, you can try installing the packages one by one, if any is depended package the it will ask for the dependency package, if it asks so install the depended package and start installing the other.

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    I may be wrong, but I thought source source rpms were always labeled something.src.rpm.
    But svar is right. If you need some dependency you don't have, it will tell you and won't finish compiling.
    As far as commands, open the rpms and read the README. It will tell you which commands to use to do the compiling and in which order.


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