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Honeynet Project
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Thread: Honeynet Project

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    Honeynet Project

    For some very interesting reading, on securing and security in general, check this site out.
    I will post some reviews after i finish reading. ;D

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    Re:Honeynet Project

    I have just briefly scanned over the first couple of chapters in on this page, then I started printing them out. This is a fount of knowledge for anyone wanting to learn about securing thier system. Being a noob myself, I've found something that will make my life alot easier. Shouts go out to Datamike for the link to the Bastille-Hardening site, from which I found out about the honeynet project.
    Datamike, heres a karma point for being kewl.

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    Re:Honeynet Project

    Thanks for the info, 10Dedfish. You get an extra karma point, yourself!

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    Re:Honeynet Project

    Currently the server for honeynet seems to be down, so if you would like to read any of the "White Papers" then please do so here: http://library.psyon.org/hacking/honeynet/

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    honey net project ROO issue

    I have installed Honeywall using ROO 1.4 and i completed the configuration part also, but still am unable to open the GUI mode.

    403 forbidden error is coming and am not even able to reach the gateway.

    please help me out for this. am a new user.

    Thanks in Advance


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