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    Linux firewall

    I am hoping that someone can answer a question for me. I would like to know if it is possible to use a linux machine to both act as node on the network AND pull double duty as a firewall appliance for the ENTIRE network? If so, please provide me with the specifics to accomplish this request. Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!

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    It is possiable, the person who works on the server or node PC must know to handle the services. Make the linux machine to act as your network gateway and set iptable rules and block the unused ports. If you still want to be more secure use squid proxy to allow only particular domains.

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    best way to acheive this is by having two network cards in the machine. eth0 may be connected to local node and eth1 connecting to the outer world. eth1 services can be configured for firewall and security as explained by svar

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    An excellent front-end application for iptables can be found at

    This software has excellent documentation and support and is useful for simple or complicated networks.

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