OK, whats up? I am here in my laptop out of town running my mandrake linux
sitting in my hotel room at 1:30 am in the morning. Here is what i am trying to figure out.
My laptop has a touch pad mouse on it, but mandrake is only setup to work
with my usb mouse and i don't have a mouse if the usb does not boot up with mandrake.
Is their anyway to set my touchpad mouse and my usb mouse to both work
for example on the flight home i wont have my usb so i want my touch pad to work, actually i want it to work
all the time.

Now, for my exine problem, i open up xine and click on dvd and when i try
to play my dvd in xine i get this following error.

xine engine error
There is no avialable input pluging avialable to handel xime-ui versino

Anybody have any ideas on either of those?