For whatever reason, I had lost Freespire Linux in this HP 64-bit laptop. After re-installing it, it seems that there were some packages that were not installed. I have tried to no avail, to install a GUI package manger. I don't care whether it is Synaptic, Umbuntu's Adept, or Kpkgmanager. Instead I've gone through the dependencies torture. I can't get a single one to install! The reason; because those dependencies also need other dependencies. I tried DEB files, TGZ files, all with failure. I even tried to do the installation of Gnome, hoping to overcome this problem. Again, dependencies problems! I've chased all over the place to find and install those lost dependencies, and what a waste of time that was!

The reason that I'm sticking with Freespire, is because I don't use Windows in this laptop. So I can't borrow Windows' wireless network drivers for use in ndiswrapper. And Freespire comes complete with all necessary non-free drivers, ready for usage. No messing around with ndiswrapper is necessary.

So I come to you experts. How *&$J#( do I cope with this problem? How do I overcome the dependencies problem? I've been using "aptitude" in text mode to do some installations. But that makes it difficult to see available packages without a GUI application to display them. Even Freespire's CNR application is useless, because a lot of applications, it won't install them as a package. It offers many items piecemeal, and many times, the installation doesn't take.

Please contact me with the info. : zonofabeeATgmailDOTcom