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Thread: help- linux network settings

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    help- linux network settings

    I'm having a problem with my linux box. I currently run a simple home network with two xp machines and a redhat linux one. I use a linksys router to share the connection of my cable modem. My two xp machines work fine with DHCP but my linux box is having probs. First of all it was going slow. I found out it was using the ISP name servers which I thought only the router needed to know (since i never needed them for windows) Now I found out I needed them so I brought them back. But my connection doesn't work at all. Any ideas how to get it back running fast. Before deleting my name servers I pinged inside my network and it was exactly as fast as it should of been but after I tried out of my network it was slower than 56k.


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    Re: help- linux network settings

    my router assigned everything like it was supposed to - it sounds like your NIC is working correctly. The DHCP server does set the DNS servers which the client machines do need to know. What does ifconfig return? also, do you have it set up such that it requires DNS ?

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    Re: help- linux network settings

    Yeah, if you are using DHCP, you do not need to get DNS server info. manually. If you do, just put your gateway/router address and you should do fine....

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    Re: help- linux network settings

    Um... if you have a Linksys Router, use your ISPs DNS servers for both Linux and Windows machines. All you do by setting it to the router is create one more function for it to do. That's how I have mine setup anyways, works great.

    I also think this thread should be moved to the networking forum, but that's just my opinion.

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