by AljoshaNL
(Transferred from the wiki by Peter)

Of course, an Artec AS6E scanner is a very old piece of hardware, but if you have one your probably want to install it.

-- Theory -- To let any hardware work you need a backend, this is the software that operates the device. A frontend is needed to communicate with the user.

-- How? --

  1. Connect your scanner
  2. Restart your PC
  3. Download the latest as6edriver from
  4. Compile the source in the console:
    1. melt the tarball: tar -zvxf *filename*
    2. cd *unpacked directory*
    3. become superuser: su
    4. type: ./configure
    5. type: make
    6. type: make install (It is recommended to do this in /usr/src, you'll need root acces for this)

  5. Try: as6edriver

If it works, your backend is installed. If you are running X, you would probably like a GUI to operate your scanner. I would reccomend xsane, which looks just like the Artec GUI for Windows. It is possible that you already have xsane. Try in the console:
If it's not found, get the source from or install it from your package management system.

This PET is tested on the folowing distro's: Fedora Core 4 College Linux Obi Wan (derived from Slackware) Ubuntu Linux I'm sure it would also work on others, if not, send me a PM

I hope this was helpful,