by Rastar
(Transferred from the wiki by Peter)

The Linksys Cable/DSL router has unique features such as port forwarding etc. To allow for incoming internet users to view your page some steps need to happen. This PET assumes that you have configured Apache to listen to port 80.

  1. First Disable DHCP (you may think you need it but you don't)
  2. Assign your computers a static IP in the range of your router normally 192.168.1.XXX
  3. Ensure your Linux Computer Network Card (NIC) is set to be a static IP address. (Linuxconf).
  4. Access the Linksys Router setup page and go to the advance tab Port Forwarding
  5. Ensure you have port 80 setup pointing to the Apache Box's IP address
  6. Apply
  7. Click Setup tab and make sure you have your ISP information correct including dns info.
  8. Click Status and disconnect and reconnect the service.
  9. Reset your modem (not the router)
  10. Go for it, it should be working now.

Hope this helps those who pull out their hair. Rastar

Side note by gehan gehale

Many routers have a problem routing traffic back if your using the outside address from inside the network. For example if you have:

  1. dns pointing to your linksys's external IP( )
  2. Port forwarding 80 to your web servers internal IP ( )
  3. Your laptop ( ) trying to open the browser to (you get a 404 error)


  1. Add hosts entry on laptop to route to