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Thread: relocation error:

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    relocation error:

    when trying to start my gnomad prog for the nomad jukebox i get this error:


    relocation error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cerr


    i was thinking this isnt related to the jukebox program but then again i dont know.


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    Re: relocation error:

    This is just a guess and maybe you already know this but it looks like you are missing library files for the prog. Has it ever worked?

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    Re: relocation error:

    nah, i got the libraries is says it needs which are basically 2 files. i even used an older rpm that didnt need either with the same effect. i only got the gnomad prog the other day so it hasnt worked since i got it.


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    Re: relocation error:

    ok, my fault. i recompiled and got it installed. but i feel im shit out of luck because i dont know if anyone here uses the nomad jukebox.
    (drake 8.2). i got the latest version of gnomad and i got libnjb and what not. i DO have an hp scanjet 2200 usb scanner which isnt supported although drake detected it and says it set it up (xsane says no devices found) anyhow....

    when i run gnomad it opens for a flash and says:
    ______________________________ ________________

    GLib-CRITICAL **: file gscanner.c: line 677 (g_scanner_input_file): assertion `input_fd >= 0' failed.
    Segmentation fault
    [sd@localhost sd]$

    anyone have a clue?

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    Re: relocation error:

    On the face of it (sorry, I have no idea what gnomad does), it looks like it is having trouble opening up your scanner device for input. This manifested itself in the creation of a negative file descriptor.
    This, I guess, is related to the general problems you are having with the device (xsane not being able to identify it)
    It would appear that gnomad has a bug whereby it is not correctly trapping the failed attempt to open the device (and give a nice friendly message saying so) as the error message you are getting is being displayed during execution of a library routine.

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