By Compunuts
(Transferred from Wiki by Peter)

I was sick and tired of Netscape and Mozilla since the speed of rendering web pages is rediculusly slow. (I know some of you are loyal users of Mozilla but try Opera and see the difference yourself).

First of all, this PET assume that you have your Debian system working with GENOME and your choice of Windows Manager. And also, you have working Interent connection to download software required.

  • Fire up your current browser and point it to and choose the right version for your system. I downloaded the .DEB version. The current version is 5.0 built 24 and I downloaded opera-static-5.0_1-20010510-024_i386.deb . Download it to the directory of your choice. (Mine is at /home/compunuts/download/opera/ but you can choose what you like)

Note: Since Opera required QT-2 library, you need to download statically linked version. If you have KDE based packages on your system, you can get away with dynamically linked version which is about 10 MB less.
  • Open your favorite Terminal program. I like Eterm but you can choose what you want... Debian-->Programs-->XShells--> (your terminal)
  • Become super-user. Issue the command "su" and enter.. It will prompt you for password. Type the password in and you are ROOT for that system.
  • Browse to the folder you downloaded by issuing the command "cd your/downloaded/folder/here". For example, "cd /home/compunuts/download/opera".
  • Issue the command "ls" to make sure that the file is there and to reference the file name for the next command.
  • Install using dpkg command.

dpkg -i opera-static-5.0_1-20010510-024_i386.deb
which resemble dpkg -i . Dpkg is the front end of APT and -i specified to Install it.
  • When dpkg has done installing, you can see it in the menu Debian-->Programs-->Apps-->Net.

NOTE: You will see ads bar on the top in unregistered version... If you feel that Opera is a good browser, why not buy it? It's worth the money with its increase speed over Netscape or Mozilla. Opera 5 for desktop is FREE (as in Freedom but not as in Free Beer) but you can also use FREE Beer version with the ads bar......
Cheers !!!!