By capybara
(Transferred from Wiki by Peter)

I wrote this to give a few simple tips on installing FreeBSD.

  • FreeBSD 6.2 has difficulties with USB keyboards and mice, so use ps2 keyboards and mice instead. Similarly, if you cant complete an install, read the error messages and see what hardware FB seems to object to: for ex., a video card that is very old [4 MB or less] or the latest thing. Or hardware that is rare and unusual. BSD is not windoze and not linux, it driver choices are more limited.
  • FB doesnt install X windows sytem or any desktop by default. When given the choice of what type install u want, choose "x developer" so x is installed by default.
  • When given the choice of desktop packages, choose whichever u prefer, gnome or kde. i prefer kde as easier for the beginner in that it is more "windoze-like."
  • A successful install will put u in the command line, which to those of us with a windoze backround, is sort of like DOS in that u type in commands and hit "enter"
  • First login. if the regular user login do the below, logout and instead login as root.
  • Type this command: startx and the x windows system opens.
  • Next type in any of the x windows: startkde and the kde desktop opens.
  • The kde desktop is so windoze-like, u can easily figure it out from here. Congratulations, u have successfully installed FreeBSD !