by stryder144
(Transferred from Wiki by Peter)


Alright my fellow Microtel fans, here is how we can update LindowsOS 1.1 without paying for the privilege of using Click-n-Run. The PET assumes that you have set your computer up to access the internet via dial-up or broadband and that you are connected to it prior to starting the steps outlined here.


  • Click on the L (it's on the lower left side of the screen ) and navigate over to Programs/Utilities.
  • Click on Terminal...this will, obviously, bring up a terminal.
  • At the prompt, type in apt-get update -- this will take some time if you are using a dial-up connection (usually takes about ten minutes the first time for me). If you have found some source.list entries that you would like to add to your source.list, go over to /etc/apt and open up the source.list with one of the text editors. You can then insert all of the entries that you have. Do this prior to updating apt, as this will ensure that all the sources for software are current and include the software you are interested in (such as Gnome 2.x or KDE 3.x.x, which aren't officially Woody but are available from several sources for Woody).

Install Synaptic

  • After this is complete, type in apt-get install synaptic -- this will download and install a program that will allow you to see a list of all the software that Debian (either stable/testing/unstable) has to offer. It will also provide you with version numbers, what version is installed, and what software has been updated.
  • After synaptic is finished being downloaded and installed, type synaptic & at the prompt.

Upgrade Packages

  • If you find that there are several packages that need to be upgraded, press the dist upgrade button (if you didn't install synaptic all you have to do at the command line is type in apt-get dist upgrade). It will prepare apt to download and install all of the packages that have been superceded by updates.
  • Press the Proceed! button and it will start the whole process of downloading and installing the software. If you are not using synaptic, you can forget this step as apt-get will have already started to download the software in question.

Once you have dist-upgraded your system, I would suggest opening up the terminal program again and typing adduser at the command line. This will allow you to add as many users to your system as you see fit. I would not do it prior to upgrading the system since the adduser program that came with LindowsOS 1.1 did not allow for long passwords.

Your mileage may vary if you are using a version of LindowsOS that is greater than 1.1, as I have no experience with the post-1.1 versions (though they appear to be quite impressive with each upgrade). This PET should apply to all versions of LindowsOS, due to the fact that they are all based on Debian.