by stryder144
(Transferred from Wiki by Peter)


  • Hey, I got me a nifty M$ Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. The keyboard input uses the ps2 port and the mouse uses the usb port (the receiver uses a y-type input cable with a usb to ps2 converter). There seems to be a problem with using both the keyboard and the mouse if both are using the usb port.
  • My problem was that I couldn't get my mouse working under Debian. Now, I've scoured google and found interesting information. Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work the way the suggestions said they would. Oh, well. Frustration is half the fun of Linux, right?
  • I tried using /dev/usbmouse as another forum suggested. Debian doesn't have /dev/usbmouse. Not sure why not, but it doesn't. After looking around in the /dev area I found two things that looked interesting.../dev/usb and /dev/input. After a lot of trial and error, I found that /dev/input/mice or /dev/input/mouse0 worked for me.


  • You need to put /dev/input/mice in the /etc/X11/XF86Config file. When you run xf86config and you get to the point where it asks were your mouse is, just type the /dev/input/mice there. You should be good to go once you save the config file.


  • One thing to make sure of is that hid is in your /etc/modules file. Fire up nano by typing nano /etc/modules. Look at the file and see if it's there. If it isn't, type hid in at the bottom. If it is and usbmouse is also there, comment out usbmouse like this #usbmouse. If you don't and your system is like mine, the mouse will go up and down but not side to side once you startx. If you've never used nano before, hit the control button and x at the same time, then press y for yes, then enter. That will save the file. Nano is a really good console text editor that is easy for us mule-heads to use without getting lost (hi, vim!).

Anyway, having done all these things, you should be good to go. Enjoy.