Installing PlaneShift for linux by AljoshaNL (Transferred from Wiki by Peter)

This pet is a step-by-step tutorial which guides you through the PlaneShift installation. This installation is about version 0.3.012. Please send me a mail/PM if this PET is outdated!

PlaneShift is a pre-alpha open-source 3D MMORPG game, which also has Linux builds. However, the way to install the game is very unclear, the site offers many ways, but which one is the best? I will explain how to install the binary packages, which should work on (almost) all distributions. Before you proceed, install your ATI/NVIDIA OpenGL drivers (this pet assumes that you have a decend video with OpenGL support)

  • Get the three packages from:

  • When you have the files, first install chmod +x ./ You need the program 'dialog'. Most ditro's already have it, if not get it from your package management system.
  • Go to the folder where you installed the above package and delete everything EXCEPT the 'art' folder.
  • Install the second package, PlaneShift_CBV0.3.012P-r2.i686.bin or the 64-bit equivalent: chmod +x PlaneShift_CBV0.3.012P-r2.i686.bin ./PlaneShift_CBV0.3.012P-r2.i686.bin Follow the installation wizard, install in EXACTLY the same folder as you did before (for most people, ~/planeshift/. Make sure it isn't planeshift/planeshift!
  • Unpack the third package, CBV0.3.0.12-r4-i686.tar.bz2 or its 64-bit equivalent: tar -xvf CBV0.3.0.12-r4-i686.tar.bz2
  • Copy the three unpacked files to your installation folder
  • Run updater 8. Run pssetup, I reccomend, just like the planeshit team, to use 32-bit mode, it has a MUCH better perfomance on most machines 9. Create an account on 10. Happy planeshifting!

If this PET misses something, please PM or mail me at: princimrahil -Doggy-A- gmail -Low-Dot- com