I'm using CentOS 5.2 with xen kernel. I also have a file backed CentOS 5.2 domU install with virt-install. It has the same default volume group/logical volume name as the host i.e. 'VolGroup00/LogVol00'. I then try to access data inside this xen image.

I run kpartx on that domU image file and use vgscan to scan for a new vg on domU.

# kpartx -av /vm/test.img
# vgscan

As domU has the same volume group structure with the host so I try to rename it diffrently. So I issue the vgrename with the domU's vg using UUID as it has the same name as the host.

# vgrename <UUID-of-domU-default-volume-group> NewVolGroupName

The command successfully run without any error. However, when I try to mount it with the new name I got the host file structure instead of domU file structure.

I then look in the /dev directory, I can only find the new vg name but not the host's vg 'VolGroup00'.

# ls -al /dev

I think I have mess up thing already by the vgrename command. Where is VolGroup00 of the host? How can I reverse the change back?