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Thread: hai Friends LInux FTP server

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    Smile hai Friends LInux FTP server

    hai Friends

    I had configured global ftp server . for my static ipaddress. that ipaddress is domain registered. its globally working fine . i have configured dns and vsftpd . everything working fine .

    but today suddenly the static ipaddress internet problem . so my ftp server not working , then i having two more static ipaddress for internet. so
    any idea to change or forward this ipaddress to working ipaddress for emergency purpose.
    pls help me.
    i am using centos 4

    Thank u for advance

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    You need to change DNS to point to your new IP address. If you feel you'll be changing IP addresses frequently and unexpectedly, you should also set the DNS TTL value very low.

    Are you sure you have a static IP? If it changed without warning, you may have a DHCP address. DNS and DHCP work best using a dynamic DNS (DDNS) service.

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