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Thread: freeing up space without affecting OS

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    freeing up space without affecting OS

    I got Fedora9 installed on my 20G hard drive and now wish to install Ubuntu as well.During the fedora install process,i selected the auto partition option which uses the entire disk.Now how do i free up space(preferably 10G) from the 20G hard drive without affective the fedora OS.Will the fdisk utility work?
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    Once you allocate the disk space it's more or less over. If you had not allocated the space during the installation then you could consider having a dual boot system, booting Ubuntu or Fedora depending on your mood.

    You could also consider Xen virtualization. It will allow you to boot Fedora, and have ubuntu running in a separate window on your desktop. Xen would allocate some of your Fedora disk space to run Ubuntu. Xen also tricks fedora into thinking all the Ubuntu files on your hard disk is one big file. This makes backups easier.

    My experience with Xen and the latest version of Fedora has been poor. It usually works well with the previous version of Fedora which usually has the bugs worked out.

    FC10 will be released soon, so FC9 should have a functioning Xen kernel by now. There are lots of web links on how to set up Xen. It is fairly easy to do.

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