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Thread: Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

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    Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

    Hey guys,

    got a question, How do I go about mounting a Windows 2000 partition on my Red Hat 7.2 Distro. I have been reading that the 2.4 kernel supports it but I have not actually seen how to do... I'm probably just not looking hard enough. Thanx for any help.


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    Re: Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

    There is no such thing as a Windows 2000 partition. You must have a FAT32 or NTFS partition under Win2K. Which one is it? FAT32 is fairly simple to mount in read and write mode, but NTFS writing is experimental and not recommended, however it can be read no problem.

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    Re: Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

    If your Win2K installation is a default one, it's highly likely that it's NTFS unless you told the OS not to install NTFS and stayed with FAT32.

    Second, you need to have the VFAT and NTFS file support in your kernel. But if you use the default kernel from Red Hat, it's also highly likely that you have it already.

    So just run "mount -t vfat or mount -t ntfs" depending on your Win2K type.

    As colverm has said, NTFS writing is very expermental so don't try to write to it if you don't want to loose your data. What you can do is have one partition for your Win2K and another partition for your data ( which is the way to do it no matter which OS anyway ) and then mount the data drive with stable VFAT suppport.

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    Re: Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

    Yeah sorry about that it is an NTFS partition. I will give those a shot.

    Thanx, Ryan

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    Re: Mounting Windows 2000 in Linux

    Take a gander at this before you do...
    It has some info that you might want to have before diving in.

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