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Thread: Cisco Pix 506e....

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    Cisco Pix 506e....

    Cisco Pix 506E... I have one for sale...craigslist just gets me low-ball offers and spam regarding the ad. Any suggestions how I could sell it??

    I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Did you state your price and say that it was final? How about eBay?

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    thanks for the reply...

    I have not tried e bay yet...I am asking 500 for it, down from 600.

    Recently found out that it was a discontinued item from the Cisco website. Does that hurt its' value? I saw it @ selling for 615 bucks. I do not know if it was used or refurbished or not...

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    Yes, once a model is EOL (End of Life) the value drops really fast. Do some research and set a good price. eBay new and used prices would be a good indicator of the price the market has set.

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