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Thread: Burning ISOS

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    Burning ISOS

    Does anyone know how to burn ISOs with GToaster? I have downloaded the Debian ISOs, but cannot get them to burn correctly. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this either.


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    Re: Burning ISOS

    i have not tried gtoaster, it looks much like xcdroast though - would you willing to try xcdroast or command line?

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    Re: Burning ISOS

    I think you would like ECLiPt Roaster...aka Eroaster. *It has a nice gui and a zillion more options than gtoaster...burning iso files is a snap. *Here's a link for you if you decide to check it out. *

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    Re: Burning ISOS

    Thanks cubensis. I installed Eroaster and burned the isos with no problem. It does seem to have many more features than gtoaster. Thanks again!


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    Re: Burning ISOS

    Of course you can get all the options by using cdrecord :P.

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