Hi I am new to Linux and am looking to install it on my laptop. I have an AIX background.

I have been researching for the "right" solution for me.
I was wondering a few things about SUSE and Fedora Ubuntu.These are the few I am considering. I am also considering RedHat but that's not free

How hard is it to get wireless/network working ? Security etc. I use WEP 128 on my network now. Can Linux accommodate this?

I have a Verizon wireless modem card. How would I get that to work. I looked on their site but did not see a Linux client for this device.

Is there some SW that works on Linux?

What about my IPOD. I see things for other MP3 players but not Apple ITunes. Or do I need to convert my files etc.

I also have a WinCE palm 700W phone that sync with my outlook. Is there a client that will work with Linux?

I would like to get off Windows but have to keep it around for various apps like the ones mentioned above. I will run dual boot for now unless I can find a viable solution to these apps.

Some other questions I have....

I have a network attached drive that has 2 usb drives off it. They are NTFS and FAT32 formats. Can they be seen by Linux? Also if I plug in a USB drive/stick will it be seen?

I use SD cards for my camera with a SD reader will that be an issue?

Sorry for so many questions just trying to figure this all out before I make the leap.

Thanx for any info you can share.