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Thread: Desktop Wireless Card Recommendations Needed

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    Desktop Wireless Card Recommendations Needed

    I am looking for specific recommendations for PCI wireless cards which are fully supported by Fedora 8. Not interested in anything requiring ndiswrapper. Anybody have any suggestions on where to look?

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    I've given up on ndiswrapper and Fedora. There is an issue with the size of the kernel stack being insufficient for ndiswrapper.

    Have you tried a wireless bridge like the Linksys WGA54G? It hooks up to your network wirelessly and then you plug your desktop into an ethernet jack in the back of the WGA54G. It's for game consoles but it looks like it works just fine for desktops. I've looked at the PDF manual online and it looks easy to install.

    1. Ubuntu forums reviews
    2. Amazon reviews
    3. Linksys product sheets

    It's bulkier than a wireless card, but it looks as if you get around the compatibility issues no matter what OS you use. The newer reviews on Amazon are much more favorable than the ones two years ago.

    I'm thinking of getting one for a network printer I have.

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    cheaper solution along the same lines

    Look for a WRT54G that comes loaded with DD-WRT. you can get some of them for about hte same price as the game concole and if you go for one with good memory and Flash (I suggest the WRT54G-TM), you can also have a very effective firewall/router/gateway maching. if you don't use it as the gateway then you could use it to bridge the wireless network, ie. connect the PC to the WRT54G with a wire and it connects to the wireless network.

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