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Thread: wireless connectivity

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    wireless connectivity


    I installed rhel 5.2 on my desktop PC and now trying to connect to my wireless home network.
    When using windows,it shows me the available n/ws & I just click on any one of them,and it works.This was on my laptop which had an inbuild wifi card.I bought a wireless usb adpater for my desktop PC whichs got rhel but I'm not sure how to go about the wireless connection....

    Followed the steps listed in

    I selected the 'select Other Wireless Card' option which brings me to the 'Select Ethernet Adapter ' window .

    Which eth adapter do i choose?
    The usb adapter that i got is belkin wireless usb F5D7050.

    lsusb command shows belkin ...bla bla.. listed but its not there in the list which says 'Select ethernet adapter'....Could anyone tell me what I need to do here?


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    Does it show up when you use the ifconfig command as root?

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