I was planning to put redhat on my main machine and see if I could start to step away from using windows altogether. I've installed redhat on a couple of other machines here, one to act as a gateway, the other as a file server for our lan. The trouble is it just won't install on this machine. I've tried downloading and burning the iso's again so I don't think its bad media. It went on no problem with the other PC's.

The install prgram works fine, but when it comes to boot up time it just goes down in flames and I have no idea why. The error message seems to be a bit random too, sometimes it complains about irq's, sometimes it goes down while its doing the usb controller, sometimes it makes it far enough to notice that the file system wasn't unmounted properly. It always attempts to spew memory addresses at me though, typically however there's two pages of them so I only get to see the very bottom of the error message.

I can't even get to a login prompt to try see what happened.

Is it actually possible to get this system working without needing a PhD? I just want to have a computer that will let me do things, I'm not interested in getting a computer science degree while I'm at it.

To save anyone asking:
AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1GHz
Soltek SL75 KAV mobo
256Mb ram
60Gb IBM deskstar 60GXP
Elsa Gladiac GeForce 2 MX AGP
3com 10/100 network card