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Thread: I need help setting up linux

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    I need help setting up linux

    right now i am trying to setup up linux on another computer and i don't understand how to setup the partitions, i am installing it on a new harddrive so i want to set linux to use the whole harddrive with out windows can someone please help me

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    Re:I need help setting up linux

    What distro are you attempting to install? Most modern distros allow for some type of "auto-partitioning" scheme, as well as manualy using fdisk, Disk Druid, or whatever. If not, at a bare minimum, I'd suggest that you partition /home and / on seperate partitions.
    Do a little research on for linux+partitioning

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    Re:I need help setting up linux

    What do you mean by "you don't know how to set them up"? You don't know what partitions to create? We need a little more information. As Spot mentioned what distribution are you trying to install?

    Jim H

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    Re:I need help setting up linux

    Ok. here's what you do.

    Use fdisk once you have booted up with the Linux Root and Boot disks.

    type fdisk (and whatever drive you want the partitions to be on) i.e. fdisk /dev/hda (hda is the current directory)

    Push 'm' for help I think it is.
    type 'd' to delete the current partition. (it wiil ask you for 'e' and 'p'. Choose 'p' and '1')

    The type 'n' to add a new partition. (Choose 'p' and '1'. It will then ask you for the size. Take the lowest value for the first input and then the highest value that it gives you)

    Then type 't' to tag it. Tag it with '83'

    Type 'x' to go into expert mode and type 'w' to write it

    Reboot your machine.

    After this it should work.

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