I have been using a USB <-> (P/S)ATA cable for some time to fix borked system installs, and from time to time I get oddball issues with regards to how the drive gets mounted. I have yet to figure this one out entirely.

What happens is, generally the host is Vista Ultimate but sometimes XP Pro. The drive is an NTFS drive with XP Home on it usually. When I run a spyware or AV scan on the drive, it can read, but not write. If I redo the permissions, the permissions seemingly change, but get reverted to whatever it was when I started out the whole endeavour.

Any ideas where I can go to fix the stupid permissions issue? I was going to Properties, Permissions and giving everything R/W permissions to no luck on both the drive itself and the root folder.

Thanks much!

Oh BTW, the solution I have found that does work is mount it on linux, run an inferior AVG or NOD32 AV scan from there. Usually will get the system booting to do a native NOD32 scan. Long way to do what to me should be much simpler.