out since a few days and unfortunately it is still full of bugs
It keeps failing, pakage actualisation is erratic, ktorrent uses 100% of CPU, some gets graphical problems under some nvidia GPU, installation is unreliable (done two similar with different results, sound is not too good for me (intel_HDA) had to play a bit in various areas of kde pulse....And all this with a clean install (don't event think of an upgrade from older version)
good sides: the parts that work are fast!.
I'd advise no to upgrade to this one at the moment but rather wait a few weeks to have the bugs solved...it seems to me that I've been forced to be a beta tester and I don't like it much!
the errata page is BIG and there are much more than what is written...
so, for this one, so far : my verdict is so far not too good!!!