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Thread: Viewing progress or timer of processes !!

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    Viewing progress or timer of processes !!

    Dear Experts,
    As a inchange of server tasks in my company, I running administrative commands and scripts.
    During doing all these tasks, inbetween I wanted to perform other importent tasks but I'm not sure that the commands and scripts which used to run will take how much time to complete.
    I want that when I perform any task by running command(s) or scripts, a timer or progress should display in the screen (i.e. in % or remaining time format). This will help me to figure out that how long the running command or script will take time which will help me to perform other tasks inbetween. I couldn't figure out the solution.
    pls help me out to resolve the problem.

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    That is something that will have to be written into the scripts you create. Normally there isn't any way for the operating system to know how long an application will take to complete.

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    Predicting time is tough... you can use the "time" command and collect some average data. What is your program doing? A percentage thing might be easier, you can just slowly output that throughout your script.
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