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Thread: Upgrading to FC9 from FC8

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    Upgrading to FC9 from FC8

    Anyone tried upgrading to FC9 from FC8? I have a FC8 webserver with mediawiki and phpBB that I'd like to upgrade to FC9 and then to FC10 rather than reinstalling.

    There are some pages on the web about this that make it seem simple.

    Has anyone had any experience with this yet?

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    I did this on my workstation, it went fine as far as I can remember. Since it's a server, you don't need to worry about KDE 4. Don't go with the beta yet, I've known people who've screwed up their RPM database by going with non-released software and then they have a Fedora 9.5 installation (half 9, half 10)
    I'd still say backup your stuff no matter what you do.
    63,000 bugs in the code, 63,000 bugs,
    ya get 1 whacked with a service pack,
    now there's 63,005 bugs in the code!!

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