Purpose: Create a theme that is supported in vBulletin 3.8

Other Information: The current "Retro Blue" theme was created for vBulletin version 3.6 and is now unsupported by its creator. Fortunately, the theme survived the upgrade to v3.7 after a number of modifications. vBulletin v3.8 is about to be released. Prior to its release I'd like to migrate the forums over to a theme based on the default style with very few modifications. This will allow the forums to be upgraded with fewer issues.

I have created a new "LHN 1.0" theme which you can select from a drop down menu at the bottom left hand side of this page.

Many of the icons and style elements of Retro Blue have been maintained. The forum is also brighter and registered users will see much less advertising.

The monthly community bulletin will also announce this. To receive the community bulletin you need to enable "Receive Community Bulletin Newsletters" in your profile options.

Poll Question: Is this a site modification that requires a vote from the entire membership, or can this be implemented without one? This is part of the change process.