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Thread: How To Deploy A Linux LiveCD on Windows Without Burning A CD

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    How To Deploy A Linux LiveCD on Windows Without Burning A CD

    While we have searching a rapid and cheap method to deploy Linux LiveCDs directly in Windows, without restarting the computer and burn a CD, we have found a simple to install and use, freeware Windows application of only 1.6 MB size, a low file size as compared with similar emulation software. It is based on Qemu. An interesting article alongside a high quality video tutorial regarding this Windows freeware called MobaLiveCD can be found on website.

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    I did download it though while it does work, I found that I got a rapid noise sound when passing the mouse on the open programme window. I have Windows XP Pro on the computer. Also you need a Pentium 4 to really be ideal, I have a Pentium 3 1000 MHz which just isn't up to it.

    I did however manage to open a Knoppix.iso and get the disk loading, after installing the Right Menu Windows option and left clicking Open With MobaliveCD. I didn't have the patience to wait for the full disk to open up. Somebody with the latest computer power should not have trouble. I would like some more documentation with it.

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    How To Deploy A Linux LiveCD on Windows Without Burning A CD Reply to Thread

    There is indeed true: some Linux distributions require powerful computers, with many resources, such as RAM, CPU and HDD (for example Ubuntu Hardy Heron can occupy even 8 GB on a HDD). We have tested MobaLiveCD on an Intel Celeron with 1.6GB CPU speed, 160 GB HDD (40 GB the Windows partition) and 1 GB RAM. It works well in case of Ubuntu based distributions. You can try on your computer Damn Small Linux, that even comes with an integrated QEmu (you don't have to use an ISO). An article about this issue can also be found on downloadtube blog in Linux Tutorials section.

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