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Thread: a li'l help plz...

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    a li'l help plz...

    i have an old pentium 2 300mhz,512kb cache with 256mb of ram on a kr632 mobo.
    i tried installing damn small and puppy but none worked. i need a distro for this old machine, i need to be able to play music and videos, do c/c++ programming, and use my portable hdd and pen used to run win98 i formatted my hdd with dos. now it's lifeless.

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    If you have the patience, I normally run Gentoo on slow machines - you can get away with a nice, minimal install. Otherwise, Slackware is good too.
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    will it support everything that i've mentioned?
    i'll try it and get back.. thanks

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    Ubuntu or Fedora will work, but make sure to disable any desktop effects on Compiz.

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    bad news:
    ubuntu and fedora have high hardware requirements specially the processor. gentoo worked with a disc n couldn run any apps. slackware seemed ok but the same prob. i also tried deli linux, it didn't even recognize the boot disc. still stuck.
    good news: i will be using a p4 with 768mb of memory. this thing runs any linux distro like a well oiled machine.

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    n i'm runnin ubuntu on it. but the cpu heats up as always. gonna add another fan for it. thanks for all ur help. i appreciate it.

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    Are you running in graphical mode (run level 5) or text (run level 3)? I've seen CPU temps rise with graphics like Schotty mentioned.

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    it's a dual boot, graphical with winxp pro sp2. works fine after the new fan i baught, i modded the case too to cool better. thanks guys.


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