I proud to say I have successfully compiled an LFS system over the weekend. (Thinking of names. Since my name is James, how does Gnu/Jlinux or Gnu/Jinix sound? ;-))

I have a few problems that I hope can be fixed with your help.

These occur during boot:

1. 'modprobe: Can't locate module nls_iso8859-1'
2. 'modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-10-135'
3. Init brings up eth0 but before 'eth0: Media Link On 100mbps full-duplex' can be printed, the login prompt appears. So I actually get a login prompt with 'eth0: Media Link On 100mbps full-duplex' written beside it.

As for 'install-managers' (installwatch, ftrace, checkinstall or whatever) which one would be the best one to go with? I see LC has written a PET on ftrace but I can't download ftrace because either the site is down on my isp's DNS sucks. Could someone possibly upload it somewhere?

Solutions to the above problems would be much appreciated. For the first two, I probably just need to recompile my kernel with some extra modules but I don't know which ones they are.

PS. I will be away tomorrow so I won't be able to reply until then.