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Thread: Small LFS problems

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    Small LFS problems

    I proud to say I have successfully compiled an LFS system over the weekend. (Thinking of names. Since my name is James, how does Gnu/Jlinux or Gnu/Jinix sound? ;-))

    I have a few problems that I hope can be fixed with your help.

    These occur during boot:

    1. 'modprobe: Can't locate module nls_iso8859-1'
    2. 'modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-10-135'
    3. Init brings up eth0 but before 'eth0: Media Link On 100mbps full-duplex' can be printed, the login prompt appears. So I actually get a login prompt with 'eth0: Media Link On 100mbps full-duplex' written beside it.

    As for 'install-managers' (installwatch, ftrace, checkinstall or whatever) which one would be the best one to go with? I see LC has written a PET on ftrace but I can't download ftrace because either the site is down on my isp's DNS sucks. Could someone possibly upload it somewhere?

    Solutions to the above problems would be much appreciated. For the first two, I probably just need to recompile my kernel with some extra modules but I don't know which ones they are.

    PS. I will be away tomorrow so I won't be able to reply until then.

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    Re: Small LFS problems

    How about:

    Honestly.. it sounds like you:

    a) configured stuff wrong in the install fase
    b) included the wrong modules somehow..

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    Re: Small LFS problems

    I'm sure its some modules that I have missed in the kernel but I just don't know which ones - nls_iso8859-1 and char-major-10-135 aren't very helpful to me. I remember the same thing happening under Slackware but I didn't bother with it. (This was after I compiled my own kernel) Since I would like this system to be perfect then I would like to get rid of the errors.

    Cheers for the name suggestions. Hopefully my system doesn't really segfault ;-)

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    Re: Small LFS problems

    for 1) and 2) check the LFS FAQ, i think they're covered in there

    for 3) try adding this to the very first bootscript ur system runs:
    dmesg -n 3

    if that doesn't work, try with dmesg -n 2
    that's how i do it

    this prevents certain not important kernel messages from being logged to console, while still putting them in ur logfiles

    and about the segfaulting, if ur system uses binutils 2.12 and u intend to compile KDE with objprelink, forget about it cuz binutils 2.12 + objprelink = shitload of segfaults

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    Re: Small LFS problems

    Darn, what version of binutils do I need? If its a lower version, is it alright to downgrade by just recompiling binutils?


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    Re: Small LFS problems

    2.11.2 is the binutils version u need

    i'm not sure if it's ok to just replace it though
    i'd think it's ok, but it's a very important package so it might cause problems

    u might wanna ask around on the lfs mailinglists (or search the archive) about this

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    Re: Small LFS problems

    For (3) would it help to add something like "timeout 10" at the end of your boot script to give the shell ten milliseconds to print a newline before printing the prompt?

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