I went out and bought an HP laptop with WinVistaPrmium. My idea was to install my telephone adapters (they only work with Windows) in Windows, and then Install VirtualBox, and run Kumbutu as the guest operating system, riding on Windows. This way I thought that I could have my cake and eat it too! I thought that I could have Windows Vista, and Linux running at the same time, and this way I could still receive my telephone Internet calls, while using Linux. But Vista had some other ideas about my failed conclusion. If I was running Linux in Windows, wireless Linksys Skype (USB receiver), and USB MagicJack with a standard wireless standard telephone connected to it, couldn't do their jobs! Either VirtualBox or Linux prevented Vista from receiving my telephone calls.

I've got no clue on fixing this problem! I'm incensed that the manufacturers will not provide Linux drivers for their products. This forced me to try to go this route, attempting to make it work. I do a lot of work in Linux, but still need to get my very inexpensive long distance telephone calls. Sadly, Skype has now gone to the by-the-minute model, for telephone usage (still not expensive), but I like a one-time-yearly flat-rate model for unlimited phone calls in US and Canada. This is why I ended up getting Magic Jack. $40.00 for the USB adapter, which also includes one year service with free incoming telephone number, and unlimited outgoing telephone calls. Next year, it will cost me only $20.00/year for the service. MagicJack is totally self contained. Just plug it into any USB port, and it will do the rest for installing itself, and getting you a telephone number. Once that's done, you can plug it into anybody's USB computer. plug in any dial tone telephone, and you are good to go. This is good for a traveler. All your calls can follow you wherever you go, and no long distance charges are involved (US and Canada).

When VirtualBox / Linux is running, when I dial a telephone number, it wiil give me a dial tone, dial the number then die before the other end starts to ring. This means that the transaction never gets to the Magic Jack's server to complete the telephone connection.

Has anyone tried this? Anyone have a solution? I need both operating systems to be running at the same time, so I can get my work done, and still be able to receive my calls, and dial out when needed. Ans I do like to use wireless telephones for this purpose, as opposed to being tied to the computer with headphones and a microphone.